I am learning React Native and this is my first post at Stack Overflow.

I'm trying to re-render a button to make its disabled property change from false to true when onPress.

This button is being manually rendered insiderenderMessageImage from react-native-gifted-chat.

I am doing it through a boolean in this.state, however I see the state value updating on the logs but the button remains visually the same and it can be pressed again and again without actually changing its disabled property.

I have in my Chat.js class:

constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
        isButtonDisabled: false

Then from Gifted Chat I call renderMessageImage to show a custom message design when a message has an image:

renderMessageImage = (props) => {
      return (
            title="Disable Button"
            onPress={() => this.disableButton(props.currentMessage.id)}

This custom design is just a button that should call another method and then disable self:

disableButton = async (message_id) => {
      console.log("Disabling message_id: " + message_id); //This shows the msg_id correctly where the button is
      console.log(this.state.isButtonDisabled); //This shows false
      this.setState(previousState => ({
          isButtonDisabled: true
      console.log(this.state.isButtonDisabled); //This shows true (should update button disabled property)
      return true;

For what I have tested so far, I can see that state value of isButtonDisabled is correctly changing from false to true, and as I have read, a change in the state should make the component re-render, but unfortunately it is not working that way.

More in-depth testing:

I then headed to GiftedChat.js sources from the react-native-gifted-chat to try debugging some of the code and see what is going on there. What I found is that whenever I press my custom button, the componentDidUpdate of GiftedChat.js is being called twice:

componentDidUpdate(prevProps = {}) {
    const { messages, text, inverted } = this.props;
    console.log(this.props !== prevProps); //This is called twice per button click
    if (this.props !== prevProps) {
        //this.setMessages(messages || []); //I changed this line for the line below to directly update state
        this.setState({ messages });
        console.log(this.props !== prevProps); //This is called once per button click (first of the two calls)
    if (inverted === false &&
        messages &&
        prevProps.messages &&
        messages.length !== prevProps.messages.length) {
        setTimeout(() => this.scrollToBottom(false), 200);
    if (text !== prevProps.text) {

Once all this checked, I see that the state is being updated and the GiftedChat.js component and messages are being updated once per button click, however my button in renderMessageImage is never re-rendering to properly show its new disabled value and actually become disabled.

I am totally clueless what else to test, so I would really appreciate some help on what am I doing wrong.

Thank you very much in advance.

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